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About us

What Tool’s Inside (WTI), was brought from concept to launch in 2017 by its creators at Vurn Media LLC. Vurn Media was obsessed about creating opportunities for people to have a meaningful interaction with the retail community and see what’s up-and-coming in the market. So the idea for specialized tool industry targeted contests and social entertainment was born.


Since WTI was launched we have unceasingly evolved to meet social demands and created the right custom strategies for brands. After joining Amazon live during their beta testing program, WTI quickly rose to "A-Lister" status, providing their ever growing audience with the latest information and deals on products. We help brands convey pertinent information to the WTI audience in a fun and engaging way. We work hard to help everyone feel they are a part of something “bigger”. We’re leaving lasting impressions with our loyal fans.


WTI takes great care to ensure relevancy, deliver quality, create meaningful experiences while making campaign collaboration easy. We are blazing a trail and setting the bar for the way Live shopping should be. We are a cost-effective way to help people discover your brands and products. Our audience, people who work hard and play hard, are eager to be introduced to your offerings. At the forefront of social media marketing, WTI is well known for flexibility. We are a cost-effective way to help people discover your brands and products. We are THE construction retail industry, social media, marketing platform leaders - introducing a targeted audience to new concepts and products to make your job easier.



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