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How To Play?


Listen for clues on the WTI videos in the app or social media platforms to discover today’s prizes.


Follow the "FIND ANSWER"

link in the app to

search for the correct



Enter your answer into the

app and

click "SUBMIT"

It's that easy!

Since 2017, What Tool's Inside (WTI) App has been a fun, engaging and interactive way for players to win tools.  Whether you want to play the Daily Giveaway or the Flash Giveaway or try for the Tool Of The Month, players are given clues through a brief video directing them to search for a specific tool and model number via weblink to sponsor manufacturer’s website.  Once you think you know the answer, enter the model number into the WTI and submit your entry to qualify to win the prize giveaway. Each Giveaway has a specified time allotment for entry.  Winners are randomly chosen through a generator upon conclusion of the Giveaway.  Read the RULES and TERMS for more information.  Download the App and get started!

Need more details? 

Contact us. We are here to assist.  

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